Redemption Table

The work of Jesus was not a new set of ideals or principles for reforming or even revolutionizing society, but the establishment of a new community, a people that embodied forgiveness, sharing and self-sacrificing love in its rituals and discipline. In that sense, the visible church is not to be the bearer of Christ’s message, but to be the message. -Stanley Hauerwas

Redemption Table is a “small community of belonging” where each person is able to love and be loved.  We believe church should be less and less about structures, staffing, programs and meetings and more and more about doing life together, making room for Redemption Table Baptismthe suffering and living in gratitude for God’s provision and protection.  Belonging to Redemption Table is more like joining a gang than a health club.  It involves sharing your life with a specific group of people, not just attending a program when you feel like it.  It is easy to become a part of our community.  There is always a chair waiting for you at the table (be it our kitchen table, at the coffee shop, while feeding the homeless or sharing in the Eucharist.) But if you want more; if you want a healed heart, deep connection with friends and family and a richer sense of God’s presence in your life, it will cost you everything.

For more information about the people of Redemption Table and how to connect with them, contact Jamie Roach at (913) 915-6676 or

“Central to being the church; the people of God is arranging oneself in groups that are of the size where they can strategize how to address the local social issues, where sharply focused training can take place and where decisive action can be planned and taken.  Here the habits are formed by Christian friends, neighbors and colleagues working together, praying together, sharing one another’s lives and sorrows and frustrations and excitements.  -NT Wright 

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