New Beginnings is a people on a journey. We desire to lean into the stories told by Jesus, allowing them to shape our imaginations and the way we live out our lives. We are eager to serve one another and to offer what we have to others. Simply put, we believe Jesus calls us to a life of love. A life that seeks for others what we wish for ourselves.

It is easy to become a part of our community.  There is always a place at the table for you. We gather weekly on Sunday mornings at 10am to celebrate God’s presence. But this is only part of who we are. Most of our life together is shared throughout the week as we care for and encourage one another.

We are chasing a lived out faith. A faith that reaches into every part and moment of our lives. A faith that moves us closer to our neighbors. A faith that acts like Jesus’ faith.

We are convinced God is doing a new thing. A beautiful, restorative work of setting the world right. We seek to have eyes to see God at work and ears to hear those who need a NEW hope.

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