Chipman Commons is a "neighboring-place.

Chipman Commons is a place that was largely forgotten and neglected. It was quickly becoming an eyesore in the neighborhood. The repurposing and restoration dream for Chipman Commons originated within a people called New Beginnings Church.  
They saw a overlooked neighborhood in need of faithful presence and an opportunity to add hope and beauty in the midst of brokenness. 

In March 2013, New Beginnings Church purchased the Chipman Commons (formerly known as Summit Plaza). New Beginnings envisioned a place that would host a variety of community-minded businesses, neighborhood-benefiting non-profits, and community-forming churches.
Chipman Commons is passionately pursuing partners and usages for the facilities for the good of the entire neighborhood.


These are our Chipman Commons partners

Post Coffee Co.

Post Coffee Company exists to be a space for the local community. At Post Coffee Company we strive to be a consistent presence for our neighborhood. Our cafe’s and roasting space are built in ways that engage people with the staff and with other customers. We strive to be a socially and ecologically responsible company from the ways that we source our coffee to the way we control our waste. We want to be a “Post”, a place of stability, a point of attachment that gives support to the local and greater communities surrounding it.

200 NE Chipman Road (816)287-0117
Rooted Counseling

Rooted Counseling is a well-rounded counseling center that would provide a wide range of therapy for all walks of life from people that suffer from relationship issues, addiction, anxiety, mental disorders, depression, grief, spirituality issues, violence, suicide, trauma, and more. “Investing in the wellness of individuals, families, and the community through prevention, intervention, treatment, and education.”


204 NE Chipman Road
(816) 682-1590

206 Fellowship Hall

206 Fellowship Hall is a center for alcohol, drug, and substance abuse, dependency prevention and treatment programs.


206 NE Chipman Road
24 Hour Helpline (800) 561-2250 for Narcotics Anonymous

Susan’s World of Dance

Dance is an expression of the soul. It conveys joy and sadness, love and hate, anger and compassion. Every dance is a unique act of personal or collective expression.


We at Susan’s World of Dance are a Christian based dance school and believe any person can learn to dance, when there is patience and understanding.  We encourage creativity and the ability for dancers to trust their accomplishments as they enjoy learning dance skills while developing self- confidence and satisfaction.


We create a nurturing atmosphere where adults and children can feel comfortable learning to dance at their own pace.


Susan’s World of Dance offers high-quality classes for all ages and different levels, from beginner to advanced. We love and honor all types of dance and movement; with something for everyone.  We look forward to welcoming you here!


208 NE Chipman Road
(816) 313-5328

Be Inspired Salon/Leah’s Barbershop

Be Inspired Salon offers hair cutting; hair styling including roller sets; color services including balayage and ombré; perms, long hair spiral, and piggyback; manicure and pedicure, acrylic and gel polish.


210 NE Chipman Road
(816) 524-6800

Traditions Preschool

AGE RANGES: Two year olds to pre-Kindergarteners.  Children are placed in classes according to which year they will attend Kindergarten.  The age cut-off is August 1st.Bears – Two years old by August 1st.Zebras – Three years old by August 1st.Giraffes – at least four years old by August 1st.

We strive for a six children to one teacher ratio to provide the optimum learning environment.  All classrooms have at least two teachers in attendance. 


SCHEDULE: Traditions Preschool hours are 9:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. during the school year.  We are open Monday through Friday.  Parents may choose one, two, three, four, or five day attendance for their child depending upon availability.  Summer camp information is also available.


EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is to guide the children’s development in all areas by a variety of activities.  We will offer the traditional preschool activities such as readiness skills, circle time, arts and crafts, music, story time, share circle, etc.  The lesson plans are developed by the Director and the teachers to be age appropriate and consistent throughout the program. 

We have themes each week emphasizing colors, literary characters, holidays, habitats, etc.  The study of traditional preschool skills revolves around the weekly themes. We are striving to strike a balance of activities to enhance all areas of a child’s growth, while providing a safe, happy, and positive “first school” experience. 


244 NE Chipman Road
(816) 600-5040

Poss-Abilities Children’s Therapy Group

We specialize in Occupational, Physical and Speech therapy for children with special needs. We like to focus on your child’s abilities and what’s possible to help them improve.


248 NE Chipman Road
(913) 620-1007

Light Sleeper Tattoo Co.

Tattoos, artwork, and more. By appointment only.


252 NE Chipman Road
(816) 256-1885
Instagram: lightsleepertattoo

Flourish Family Chiropractic

Flourish Family Chiropractic is a nervous system-centered & Webster Certified chiropractic practice. FFC empowers you to elevate your healing journey by living through a clear & connected nervous system


254 NE Chipman Road
(816) 200-1994

Ohana Shave Ice

Looking for a delicious Hawaiian Shave Ice!? You’ve come to the right place! Ohana’s Shave Ice  is your local, family-owned shave ice company that is here for you to quench your desire for a cold treat during our hot Midwest Summers. See our menu to pick your favorite flavor, or choose a combination if you would like to try something new! We have served Kansas City and surrounding areas since 2015 in our mobile trucks, and with 4 locations in Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs you can find us anytime!

236 NE Chipman Road
(816) 434-5216


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